Cultural routes in Tuscany, vacations and art

Interesting cultural routes in Tuscany recommended by Casa d’Era take us to Pisa, one of the region’s most fascinating destinations.

Satisfiying vacations with routes to a city located about 50 kilometers from our rental apartments.

Various monuments and attractions that will enthrall visitors during their Tuscany routes, starting with the Leaning Tower, XIIth century belfry that is 56 meters high, considered its main cultural landmark.

It is situated at the center of the Cathedral square, it has been labeled by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, which includes the extraordinary temple, furnished with white and colored marble.

Other cultural goals are the Baptistery, dedicated to John the Baptist and the monumental cemetary.

Essential pathways lead to the medieval area and the ancient walls, kept almost intact and marked by numerous gates.

Cultural vacations continue with chapels, bridges, elegant nobility houses, domus, towers and villas, museums like the Certosa di Calci and Lungarni, rendezvous point for students and locals, plus several shops, bars, restaurants, capable of offering a remarkable view.