Cultural routes in Tuscany, holiday excitement

Cultural routes for admiring Tuscany at Volterra, great little landmark located only minutes away from Casa d’Era, holiday home in Lajatico.

The best of Tuscany with cultural routes to remember, starting with the historical area of Etruscan origin, featuring ruins dating to ancient Rome and medieval buildings.

An essential stop during a Tuscany holiday is without a doubt, Piazza dei Piori. It has always been the town’s beating heart, where relevant places such as Palazzo Vescovile, Incontri and Pretorio can be found. Nowadays it is the focus point of the local community life, harboring numerous cultural events and serving as the city farmers market once every week.

Its Cathedral was built in the XIIth century, decorated in a classic style. It showcases Leonardo Ricciarelli’s 1500s capitals, Francesco Curradi’s Birth of the Virgin and Giovanni Battista Naldini’s Presentation of Mary in the Temple.

Your holiday cultural journey continues at the Guarnacci Museum, one of Italy’s most important museums about the Etruscans due to its high number of archeological finds.

Engaging routes in Tuscany with the Alabaster Ecomuseum, the Medici Fortress, the Roman Teather, the Enrico Fiumi Park and the church of saints Giusto and Clemente.