Food and wine routes in Tuscany, delicious traditions

Our Food and wine routes in Tuscany veer towards one of Pisa’s unique desserts: the Torta co’ bischeri.

Memorable tours by Casa d’Era, vacations house in Lajatico, that will allow you to discover a local delicacy, a shortcrust pastry based pie with chocolate and cooked rice filling, one of the region’s most peculiar dishes in Tuscany.

Food enthusiasts will embark on special routes leading to San Giuliano Terme and Vecchiano, where the dessert is made out of ingredients like eggs, cocoa, pine nuts, raisins, candied fruit, nutmeg and a hint of Rum or Strega to flavor this mix that will be used to fill the tart.

Its top is garnished with dough stripes to resemble a chessboard and usually sprinkled with caster sugar.

The dish gets its name from the word bischero, which refers to the folding of the outer puff pastries by doing diagonal cuts with a kitchen knife.

Its taste improves considerably if it is let to sit overnight right after taking it out of the oven.

Preparation in its entirely requires around 2 hours, while baking takes 90 minutes.

Regularly prepared in occasion of the Ascension holiday. It has its own trademark and regulating standards since 2007.

Torta co' bischeri