Food and wine routes Tuscany, tourism for tasting

Besides its usual food and wine routes Tuscany offers special tours of places that stand out for their particular products.

This is the proposal that Casa d’Era has devised for its guests in countryside Tuscany, routes that are unique among the available food and wine excursions planned by our staff.

Located at a short distance of our rental apartments in Lajatico, Casciana Terme and its borough Lari host a cultivation area for a singular kind of cherry that takes its name from it.

These sweet, tender cherries are native of the region and particularly flavorful, featuring whitish spots and an oval shape, produced in 19 different varieties: Crognola, Gambolungo, Cuore, Montemagno, Papalina, Morellona, Paretaio, Usigliano, Morella del Meini, Di Nello, Marchianella, Di Guiglielmo, Di Giardino, Precoce di Cevoli and Orlando.

They were awarded the PDO and PGI certifications by the European Union in 2002. Every June, a festival showcasing culinary stands where they become the central theme in several food recipes and wine pairings, and numerous cultural performances is celebrated.

This precious fruit is cultivated in the neighboring hills, then harvested during the last weeks of May, and its distinct features vary according to each species.

Cherries from Lari