Food and wine tourism, Tuscany and gourmand tours

Food and wine tourism in Tuscany with Casa d’Era’s charming tours to taste the region’s finest cheeses. From our holiday home in Lajatico, we start with the discovery of the local grasslands, the primary source of a wide range of outstanding food products that can be paired harmoniously with red wine, also produced locally.

Embark on a distinct way of doing tourism by visiting some of the country’s most important production zones, in order to unravel the land’s top varieties: Maremma and Mugello’s Caprino cheese, made out of Capraia island goat milk and authentic Tuscan Pecorino, bearing the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label.

Tourism in countryside Tuscany is food and fine wine tours in the productive areas of Pietrasanta, Barga, Cortona, Casentino, Crete di Lucardo, Valdichiana and Chianti.

Culinary dairy masterworks like Guttus, which resembles a sheep-derivated Gorgonzola, Grande Vecchio di Montefollonico, spicy toned variety that gets aged for an entire year, Pienza’s and Siena’s specialties and Pistoia’s Brusco and ricotta are only a few examples of what guests can expect during these tours in Tuscany.

Casa d’Era recommends an experience at “Busti Formaggi”.