Food wine tourism in Tuscany, culinary tours in the woods

Food wine tourism in Tuscany is one of Casa d’Era’s recommended activities to discover the best of the undergrowth.

Above all we find the white truffle, the tastiest, most prized variety that is ubiquitous to Tuscan forests and hills.

Tourism and routes guiding users to identify varieties such as Scorzone, Uncinato and Bianchetto, which grow among the roots of oaks, willows, populus and Tilia trees.

Some of production zones are also notorious for their vineyards, Casentino and Tiberina Valleys, Mugello, San Miniato’s hillside and the renowned Crette Senesi, allowing our guests to embark on unforgettable wine tours.

These rental apartments are located in an advatageous position at the countryside, making possible to arrange excursions to help appreciate mushrooms, a product that nowadays takes center stage in the culture.

Tuscany is Food, fine wines and the discovery of forest areas harboring numerous delicacies like: ovolo, dormiente, porcini, prataioli, galletti, russuli, lattari, prugnoli, famigliola, plus exquisite specimens from Borgotaro, Albareto and Pontremoli.

The diverse scenery, gentle weather and vicinity to the ocean create the perfect environment for such cherished food products to develop and thrive.

Casa d’Era recommends an experience at “Savini Tartufi”.

Truffles and mushrooms