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Food and wine tourism in Tuscany with Casa d’Era’s outstanding tours in the province of Pisa and beyond.

From our holiday home in Lajatico we head to discover the finest cold meats, a distinct approach to tourism to know a wide range of products, obtained by applying techniques, skills and knowledge tested and proven through centuries.

At the top of the industry we find Tuscan prosciutto and salami, historical food items that nowadays are an essential part of the local culture.

Numerous areas where they are produced are also known for their vineyard: Chianti, Garfagnana, Valdarno, Colonnato, San Miniato and Prato. Vicinity to these zones give our guests the possibility to choose to go on memorable wine tours if they are interested.

Some of the resulting delicacies that can be mentioned are: the Biroldo, Bazzone, Finto Tonno, Finocchiona, ginger sausages, Soppressata, lard, fennel-flavored Rigatino and Mortadella.

Gourmand tours in Tuscany would not be complete without mentioning the fine meat cuts and byproducts made out of the renowned Cinta Senese, a unique breed of pig that is native of the region, certified with the Protected Designation of Origin by the European Union.

Cold meats