Nature trails in Tuscany, relaxation and enjoyment

Amid the best Nature trails in Tuscany there is the one in the Massaciuccoli Lake, only an hour’s drive from Casa d’Era’s holiday home in Lajatico.   .

Its basin covers 2000 km2, allowing visitors to approach the local Flora, which includes native marsh plants like lily pads, bulrushes, sedges, peat mosses, duckweeds, rigid hornwort, royal ferns, common bulrush, and diverse kinds of narrow-leaved species.

The discovery of Nature in Tuscany continues with underwater and avian varieties: egrets, snipes, wild ducks, river nightingales, great reed warblers, ordinary rudds, eels, carp, perches, breams, mosquitofish, doctor fish and flayhead grey mullets, all of them integral parts of the Tuscan ecosystem.

An ideal location to spend the day exploring the contryside trails, trekking and biking tours while watching the creatures in the. It is also entertainment, since this lacustrine area can host several sportive and recreational activities, such as rowing, canoeing and sailing competitions and guided visits organized by LIPU (Italian League for Bird Protection).

Let’s not forget about sports fishing, once a widespread activity, it is nowadays restricted to a dedicated section.

Massaciuccoli Lake