Horseback riding in Tuscany, outdoor vacations

Horseback riding in Tuscany is an accessible activity with Casa d’Era’s recommended options.

Spending the day on the back of a majestic horse means to get in a direct contact with nature. Visitors can contemplate the wide range of local flora and fauna while having an unforgettable time.

Vacations in tuscany at Lo Scoiattolo Equestrian Center take a turn for the better with its riding sessions. Located at only 14 kilometers from our structure, it gives beginners the chance to get initiated in their first horseback ride. More experienced users will enjoy themselves with 1 or 2 hours trails in the hillside between Pontedera and Valdera. FISE certified instructors will follow and accompany customers in either case.

Children can attend special courses made exclusively for them at Crespina’s Fattoria Bellavista, which also organizes a series of horseback activities for adults. English and Western style riding, strolling and equitation lessons. An immersion into a picturesque setting, embellished by Border Collies and Australian Shepherds.