Sport fishing Tuscany, entertaining vacations year-round

Sport fishing Tuscany is one of Casa d’Era’s proposals for outdoor activities. This holiday home in Lajatico is a quiet, relaxing location, perfect to appreciate the surrounding nature and enjoy this outdoors sport.

The La Badia Lake recreational resort is an authentic paradise anyone who wishes to aim for fishing vacations. Enthusiasts of this particular sport may reach it in about a 45 minutes’ drive from our rental apartments in countryside Tuscany. The fishing structure is enclosed by vegetation, marked by rural sounds and colors that will inspire visitors to sit back and have a pleasant time.

Users can rent dedicated gear such as rods and reels, buy lines, hooks and lures and get searching straight away for the right spot and capture some of the reservoir’s available species: common and grass carps, catfish and sturgeon.

Sport fishing in Tuscany means that numerous permanent sport competitions are held at the facility. Such events are sorted on those based on the catch’s total weight or the largest specimen, individual and couple tournaments and the fascinating nocturnal contests.

It is possible to use the roofed stations, ample parking, bar and ping-pong table at the relax area.

Sport fishing