Archery courses, Tuscany and sports

Engaging archery courses in Tuscany are some of the most requested activities organized by Casa d’Era, rental apartments in Lajatico.

All courses are aimed at a wide section of our clientele, both children and adults can learn while having fun.

Lessons take place at the holiday home’s outdoor area among the Tuscan hillside. They are conducted by experienced, qualified teachers who will know how to get you started into such an ancient, yet thrilling practice.

Users are given the chance to implement their existing abilities or approach this fascinating sport for the first time.

Instructors will guide you through the basics of archery such as shooting techniques, proper posture and the right way to use competition equipment.

At the end of the courses the participants will receive some gadgets of the “Associazione Arcieri Terricciolesi”, as souvenirs of their experience.


Instructors: archery masters of the association “Arcieri Terricciolesi”

Duration: 3 lessons (2 hours each), for a total of 6 hours in a week .

Material: included.

Translation: English.

Participants: 3 – 6 people.

Price: 159 € per person.

On request, courses are available to be arranged at any time during the year in accordance with each customer’s needs and skills.

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Archery courses