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Wine tasting courses in Tuscany is one of Casa d’Era’s most engaging activities. Our elegant structure puts its eight rental apartments in the heart of the province of Pisa at your disposal.

The lessons are imparted by expert sommeliers for small groups of people.

The objective of this Tuscany tasting course is to introduce interested guests to the basics of enology, wine-tasting techniques, essential aspects of viticulture, wine production, history and places of interest.

Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Bolgheri, Vernaccia di San Gimignano are just a few examples of the high-quality products that may get tasted during these sessions.

The courses proposed by our experienced staff have been carefully planned to be enjoyed by both afficionados who want to discover this extraordinary world and connoisseurs that might wish to improve on their current expertise.

You will learn to pair specific wine varieties with traditional Italian dishes, thus acquiring the right knowledge to further enhance the qualities of any ingredient that is brought to the table.

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Mini course on Tuscan wines: culture and tasting.

The aim of this course is to let the participants acquire a basic knowledge of the history and geography of Tuscan viticulture, from the Etruscan times to the Chianti recipe of Barone Ricasoli, then to pass to the discernment of different flavours and to a sensory analysis of some wines. The course ends with some interesting hints about waiting service techniques (opening of a bottle, temperatures, cellar conservation, wine ageing). During the lessons the participants will taste 8 kinds of Tuscan wines.


Instructor: Claudia Marinelli (Sommelier and National Secretary of FISAR, Federazione Italiana Sommelier Albergatori Ristoratori).

Duration: 2 lessons, for a total of 5 hours.

Material: included.

Translation: English.

Participants: 5 –  8 people.

Price: 119 € per person.

On request, courses are available to be arranged at any time during the year in accordance with each customer’s needs and skills.

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Wine tasting courses