Painting and sculpture courses in Tuscany, art and holiday fun

Painting and sculpture courses in Tuscany are some of the most interesting activities proposed by Casa d’Era.

These holiday homes in Lajatico give their tenants the chance to have a relaxing time with canvas, brushes and rough sculpting materials, discovering a hidden talent and spend the day in good company at the heart of the province.

Such workshops are great as an outdoors recreation, watching the neighboring hillside and cultivated fields that might inspire the ideal background for any painting they come up with during their stay.

Since the goal of these workshops is to transfer a specific set of knowledge, various professional art teachers will follow you through the entire learing process, helping you develop different styles and techniques.

This way you will be able to hone any existing skill and live a full immersion that will allow you to get enthralled by creative media in Tuscany, a land that is famous for its artistic excellence.

Courses are arranged according to guests’ needs and taking their starting skills into account. Each session will be translated in either English or German.

The three-dimensional world of papier-mache masks

We leave traditional drawings and dive into the solid shapes of sculptures and learn to express our creativity in countless ways.

This workshop is based upon the classic principles of sculpture using basic components: clay, plaster and paper. It has been devised for small groups, starting with graphic design until getting to paper maché. Six sessions are provided, at the end of which participants will get to keep the finished artifacts. Supplies for the lesson are included.


Instructor: Prof. Renato Baldasserini (teacher and artist).

Duration: 6 lessons of 2 hours each (in 2 weeks), for a total of 12 hours.

Material: included.

Translation: English or German.

Participants: 4-6 people.

Prezzo: 279 € per person.

“Macchia” painting 

These workshops are meant to revive the sensations and charm of spending the day as painters, in places that were cherished by Tuscan artists, who in ancient times were labelled in a derogatory manner as macchiaioli, or tainters because it they did not paint but “stain”. Modern critics though, has revised its judgement on them, realizing that their fast painting was a unique way of translating the emotions that the local scenery gives us at any moment and season.

It is organized only for a smaller group, starts with a theoretical stage that lasts about 2 hours, followed by daubling in the open air, identifying and choosing venues and subjects to paint, proceeding until dusk. The painted works will be handled to attendees once they finish.


Instructor: Prof. Massimo dell’Innocenti (teacher and painter).

Duration: 8 hours, in 1 or 2 days.

Material: not included. We can buy it for you on request.

country easel


oil colours (primary and earth)


wooden boards or canvas (small or medium).

Translation: English or German.

Participants: 3-4 people.

Price: 189 € per person (material not included), 315 € per person (material included).

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Painting and sculpture courses