Gallery, holiday homes in Tuscany showcased

Welcome to our gallery! These unique holiday homes in countryside Tuscany are Casa d’Era’s special venue where you can benefit from a virtual tour into this ancient renovated homestead.

Discover these rental houses at Lajatico with the pictures and videos displayed in this gallery. Comfortable lodgings, fully equiped with modern amenities, yet capable of imbuing visitors with their old-time charm.

Inside the gallery we can find the kitchen with arched ceilings and double rooms, marbled bathrooms and numerous standard devices like air conditioning, autonomous heating, dishwashing machine, microwave oven, refrigerator, telephone landline, internet access and satellite tv.

This has been made possible thanks to the scrupulous restoration efforts started in 2002, thus allowing the cottage to keep its original features and rustic style, as it can be seen in the current gallery.

With the preview photos and movies found in this gallery, the holiday apartments will treat you to their relaxing outdoors, the harmony of nature blending with lush curated gardens, plus a swimming pool and an impeccable events location.