Nature holidays in Tuscany, gazing the skies

Nature holidays in Tuscany discovering the Galileo Galilei Observatory at Libbiano, in the town of Peccioli, 15 Minutes away from Casa d’Era’s rental apartments in the province of Pisa.

Founded in 2006, its location is undisturbed by artificial lighting, which makes it the perfect place for star watching activities.

The speculum features a 4 meters dome and two powerful telescopes: the Richtey-Chretien, with its 500 mm. diameter, f/8 focus and a 180 mm apochromatic refractor.

The project’s overall mission is to spread the interest for astronomy by organizing gatherings, such as the perodically arranged public evenings, where visitors have the chance to use the structure’s machinery.

Nature and unforgettable moments in Tuscany with holidays marked by these special openings that happen in the occasion of particular astronomical events.

You can find inside an educational center equipped with a conference hall, a planetarium and a permanent exhibition that displays the minor planet observations and the discovery of the 331011 Asteroid in 2009 that has occurred in these premises.

Enjoy some nature vacations by the hillside in a unique venue capable of thrilling and inspiring people of all ages.

Libbiano observatory