Nature trails in Tuscany, unravel the local beauty

Outstanding nature trails in Tuscany at the Borboi Mofette, an interesting natural phenomenon that can be reached within a few minutes walk from Casa d’Era, holiday home in Lajatico.

The ecosystem’s vulcanic soil is of great scientific relevance due to the carbon dioxide emissions that the Earth’s core expels everyday. The resulting effect is spectacular, with streams of water that boils at ambient temperature. This is particularly noticeable between October and May, when rain swells the river which enables a better view of one of the most impressive events in Tuscany.

Trails and routes that will take you to the discovery of nature. Appreciate the particular way that the region’s Flora and Fauna have adapted to such geological peculiarities. A visit to this landmark help visitors understand the effects of CO2 on the environment.

Carefully planned trails to explore the breathtaking nature that Tuscany has to offer, moving along an evocative location, perfect for whoever wishes to delve into the wonders of the countryside.

Borboi's Mofette