Sea tours in Tuscany, places to discover

Unforgettable sea tours in Tuscany are some of the activities proposed by Casa d’Era, holiday home in Lajatico just an hour’s drive from Livorno’s shoreline.

Numerous sea excursions to Bocca d’Arno and San Rossore’s park include sailing journeys, perfect to sit back and appreciate suggestive locations while contemplating the Pisan harbor, its trebuchet nets, colorful view and distinct scents on the distance.

The excitement of sea tours in Tuscany goes on at the Secche della Meloria protected area, a place of great historical, naturalistic and archeological interest. Going along three miles, visitors can reach a section that features a bedrock of moderate depth. It showcases abundant flora and fauna such as seax urchins, red coral, moray eels, damselfish, sebastes, blotched picarels, scorpionfish and perches.

There is also Cala del Leone, located between Calignaia and Torre del Romito, a beautiful creek with a series of rocky cliffs and plenty of natural cavities that were used as a shelter by the monks of Montenero’s Sanctuary. These Tuscany tours continue with significant landmarks like Boccale and Sonnino castles, whose imposing watchtowers still stand to this day.

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